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System of Abstract System Principles

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Integrative Role of Institutions in Human Activity

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Vitaly Dubrovsky 2296 Pine View Cir Sarasota, FL 34231, USA metalog@verizon.net
Vitaly Dubrovsky

Science, Reason, and Knowledge in SRW-Methodology

Источник: Пископпель А.А. Наука, мышление и знание в СМД-методологии // Сб. Этнометодология: проблемы, подходы, концепции, Вып. 5, М, 1998, с.19-35 (Piskoppel A.A. Science, thinking and knowledge in the System-of-ThinkActivity methodology // Ethnomethodology: problems, approaches, concepts. Vol.5. Moscow. 1998. pp. 19-35). Translated by M.Chumakin. Edited by K. Hulme.
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The playing -80's - Russian Activity Games

Published (probably with improved English) in Danny Saunders, Fred Percival and Matti Vartiainen (eds): The Simulation and Gaming Yearbook Volume 4: Games and Simulations to Enhance Quality Learning, 34-40. London: KoganPage. 1996
Anna Rotkirch

Methodology Can Do Everything

Expert, no. 9 (8-14 March 2004)
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An Organization Game as a New Form of Organizing and a Method for Developing Collective Thinking Activity

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Basic Principles in Analyzing Instruction and Development from the Perspective of the Theory of Activity

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Concerning the analysis of initial principles and conceptions of formal logic

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Configuration as a method of structuring complex knowledge

The basic propositions of this article took shape in conversations with V. A. Lefevre and E. G. Udin; to them I express sincere appreciation for friendly help being co-authors of the ideas they do not, of course, bear responsibility for any possible shortcomings in my formulation of the ideas.
G.P. Schedrovitsky

Methodological organization of system-structural research and development: principles and general framework

Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, USSR
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Methodological problems of system research

G.P. Shchedrovitsky

Problems in the development of planning activity

Translation by official permission of "Avtomatizatsia proektirovania i zadachi razvitia proektirovochnoi deiatel'nosti" ("Automation of Design and Problems of Development of Planning Activity"). In Razrabolka i vnedrenie avtomatizirovannykh sistem v proektirovanii (teoria i melodologia) (Development and Inculcation of Automated Systems in Design [Theory and Methodology]). Moscow: Stroyizdat, 1975. Translated by Anatol Rappoport.
G. P. Shchedrovitsky

Two Types of Leadership Relations in Children's Group Activity

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Game approach to stimulating communication, thought, activity

The summary of the book by P.V. Baranov and B.V. Sazonov "Game Approach to Development of Communication, Thought and Activity"
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The Organizational-Activity Game as a Method of Collaborative Planning and Problem Solving in the Former Soviet Union

Articles by Robert E. Howell, Irena G. Postalenko and Dmitri M. Rabkine

Two concepts of system

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